Biographical Background

Mr. Petrie, originally from Canada, now lives in Brussels, Belgium. He serves a number of European and American organizations in leadership and consultancy capacities. He is an active public speaker, strategist, and mentor in both public and private institutions in Europe and the United States.

Mr. Petrie has helped numerous organizations by:

Professional Competencies


Mr. Petrie and his wife Rebecca Petrie were married in 1966 and have lived in Europe for much of their married life. They have four children:

Matthew, born in 1973
Susannah, born in 1976
Phillip, born in 1983
Stephen, born in 1986

During an unfortunate accident in 2001, his wife Rebecca fractured her neck. She spent five months in the ICU and has had multiple surgeries. After eighteen months hospitalization, she lived at home, a quadriplegic. With the help of care-givers she wrote her story for publication. She died in 2014.